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"How You Can Quickly And Easily Drive *Tons* Of Ultra-Responsive Targeted Traffic To Your WebSite - Even If You Are An Online Marketing Newbie!

Donot worry about 'Duplication Penalty' any more!
Different article titles, summaries, article content, author resource box, User-Defined Macro!

What else could make the article more unique!

Add your own article site list to Article Post Robot! 

 Latest Version 1.9, Released on 07/19/2009
451 Article Sites & 54 Mail Lists!
Release History

From: David Tang

Dear Friend,

Listen up carefully… If you are truly serious about driving ultra-responsive targeted traffic to your website and generating serious money online like never before, please read what I have to say below, it’s important!

There Is One Overlooked *Technique* That Can Make You A Decent Living On The Internet, ... On Autopilot!

As you've often heard, "Content is King" on the Internet.

It's content--pure, solid, usable information that will make visitors come to you again and again. The Internet is driven by information, and the fact is, people are more concerned with information than they are with how fancy your site looks.That's what makes article submission the No.1 choice to drive targeted traffic to your site.

Once you understand this idea, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can generate customers on the internet.

Your information --- in the form of useful articles for your readers-- will "pre-sell" your products and services to them, earn you credibility in your prospects eyes, and give them a reason to go to your website - to read more from you --- the expert.

What do we mean pre-sell?It simply means that we are going to warm up to our visitors by giving them something (for free) to show that we are willing to make a contribution to their lives. We are willing to do this with no strings attached. In other words, we become a "value add" to their lives.

This, in turn, earns their trust.

So when it comes time for you to finally pitch an offer to them, these same people feel that they know you. They trust you, and they buy! Over, and over again – that’s the KEY to make long-term profits online!

Dear David:   
You have a winner in Article Post Robot!

I'm a regular article submitter to various article directories, and have used two other software tools - which only marginally improve my submission efficiency. It is ever so tedious and time consuming to submit just one article, even with these tools.

Your software is markedly superior as it is able to perform what other software failed, which is the ability to automate the tedious process as much as possible. I love the one-click submit - login, fill data, submit, logout, next site - all done beautifully. And watching all this happen like a movie run on my screen is simply delightful!

Your crisp support and willingness to listen to users' suggestions bring this product to a whole new level. I cannot thank you enough for a wonderful tool.

Thomas Choo, Internet Entrepreneur

Free Article Submission Sites Are Your Gateway To Highly-Targeted, Profit-Boosting Traffic

Attention: We’re Talking Serious Money Here!

The best way to pre-sell information--give it away, with no strings attached--are the free article submission sites.

There are hundreds of free article submission sites and ezine lists on the internet.

As long as your articles provide readers with useful information and are not disguised sales letters, these sites will accept them for publication, copyright free. In turn, they will then make those articles available for reading--and for publication--for anyone else browsing their article sites.

Ezine publishers are hungering for good quality information to provide to their subscribers. They will choose your articles from these article sites or ezine lists and include them in their own publications.

Soon, your articles are making their way across the Internet.

...And at the end of each article (and as a stipulation for free publication), is your resource box, a brief description of you--and a link back to your web site!

Soon, you are getting targeted traffic from visitors who read your article, found information about you in the resource box, and clicked on your web site link provided there.

It doesn't take long for the famed "viral effect" of marketing to take place, and you've got traffic coming from all over!


I have been using Article Post Robot for just over a month now and I must say because of this software I have over 400 1 way links coming to just one of my sites. I am very new to Internet Marketing and honestly without this tool my accomplishments would only be a dream. Submitting articles is the best way to drive traffic to your site, and Article Post Robot is the best investment you can make for your money to get this job done. Don’t spend you money on submitting services as you have no control as to what directories they are submitting to. With Article Post Robot you have complete control and you are in charge. Customer support has been outstanding, all of my questions have been answered in detail within 24 hours actually most of them the very same day.

I highly recommend this software to anyone who submits articles for promotion and if you don’t you should be. Thank you, David for the great product and excellent support you give.

Dennis M Driscoll


The Most Effective And Powerful Way To Increase Your Search Engine Rankings...

Don't underestimate the value of those back links to your website from your articles. It's a well known fact that the biggest search engine on the Internet (Google) uses back links to evaluate web pages' ranking.

The more back links you have, the higher ranking your web page has in the search results! It's really quite difficult to get there any other way, unless you pay for sponsored advertisements again and again, which is not just a little money. 

Why would you pay for an advertisement--when you've already invested enough money in your business, and when there is a FREE way to get all of the traffic that you need?

Submitting to article directories is something that I do often and I always dread doing it as its so time consuming! Article Post Robot is a dream come true - it's easy to use and the automatic submission feature has saved me hours and hours of work. A few days after my first article submission with Article Post Robot I found over 700 results returned in Google for my new article and that's just from my submissions to half of the directories in the list!

Suzanne Morrison


You want to have as many visitors as possible to flood your website!The only way to increase the number of visitors is to increase the number of sites that you post to.

In order for you to really benefit from article posting, you have to get your article published in many of these sites. We are talking about one hundred, or even two hundred article sites. Five or even ten sites just won't do it. And, you should not only post just one article. The more articles you post, the more back links and visitors you will have.  

Unfortunately, posting articles to hundreds of article sites manually IS VERY TIME CONSUMING!

Each article site has its own form that need to be filled out. Usually, it takes at least about 5 minutes to manually post one article to one article site. How many minutes it will take to post one article to 260 sites? 5x260=1,300 minutes, which is more than 20 hours! That's about 3-4 days' intensive manual work!  Imagine after writing an article, and then spending almost a whole week trying to get it posted to these 260 sites, will you do it again?

Will you dream to have a simple solution, a software robot, to do all the posting work for you?


Anybody who understands the HUGE importance of writing articles to market websites... will truly grasp what your software can give them. Because if you're looking to drive targeted traffic to your site, create pages and pages of unique content, build respect and credibility within your industry, AND create 1000's of one-way backlinks for the search engines to feed off... start writing articles NOW and use this baby to distribute them.

Thanks to ArticlePostRobot, I'm now able to spend just an hour or so each day to create a fresh new article, and blast it all over the web with the press of a single button. 244 directories... BAM! Its done. Without anymore intervention from me. And I haven't even started with the mailing lists. I think I may just go and take up golf like I have always wanted to. Your software has given me bags of FREE time.


Andy Murray



Best Article Submission Software


Say goodbye to the tedium of manually article posting. Article Post Robot is a Windows-based software that will automatically post articles to these 451 (default) sites for you, leaving you free to focus on other more important things, such as writing your next article, or enjoying your life!

Imagine that, since you don't need worry about 'no-time-to-post-articles' any more, Now how many articles could you churn out in a week? How long do you think it would be before a flood of visitors come to your web site?

Success in business means getting the most results from the time and dollars spent (known as Return On Investment). What do you think your return on marketing investment would be with Article Post Robot working for you, day in and day out?


Article Post Robot had no problems whatsoever handling my submissions with 1 click as advertised and I am very impressed. The interface is extremely clean and newbie proof and I know that Dave is very quick and efficient handling questions from his customers. If you are creating your own content (like I do) it is a must have tool - Period. It is well known that submitting original articles is the best way to garner permanent quality traffic and backlinks and Article Post Robot does a really terrific job of this.

HIGHLY recommended!

Miles Evans

Here's How Easy Article Post Robot is to Use

  Fill in the article information, author information;

  Choose article sites/lists you want to post;

  Click ONE button. Watch your article is being posted to different article sites, one by one;

We realize that there are OTHER SOFTWARE programs that claim to do the same thing that Article Post Robot does. However, some of them require user press the "SUBMIT" button on each article site, and others require user manually select article category on each article site. NONE of them is as easy to use as Article Post Robot.

With Article Post Robot, just click ONE button ONCE , and let Article Post Robot do the rest!

What I want to say is Holy Cow Batman! This thing really works. So far, it seems to be as automated as it claims to be. It is doing all the work. It's actually posting my articles to the directories I selected while I am writing this. I don't have to do anything, but I can watch in the browser of this article submitter software. ......

So for my first test that is all I did. I added my article and my bio. I selected my keywords and categories. Filled out my name, email, etc. Then I simply checked the article directories I wanted it to submit to. Just the ones that I did not have to sign up and log in. Then I just clicked a button. That's it. The software took over from there while I drank my coffee, smoked my cigar, and even went to the bathroom, if you really want to know.

Jeff Neil, USA

With Article Post Robot You Get

  One-click submission. All you need do is to Click ONE Button ONCE to submit the article to all the article sites you choose.

  For each article site which needs login account, users manage the account by themselves. Article Post Robot only uses the login id and password. Users can use their where readers can find the author's contact information, etc..

  Currently, Article Post Robot has more than 451 article sites and 54 mail lists , which covers a wide range of high Page Rank article sites. The list of the article sites is at here.

   Our development team maintains the list of the article sites and keeps updating the article list. Here is the Article Post Robot Release History. So that users can always maximize the return of their effort. 

  Rotate Title, Summary, Article Body and Author Resource. So that, users do not need worry about Duplicate Content Problem any more. 

  Add article sites to the software. So that, the actual number of sites that article post robot works for can be many more than 451 (depends on how many sites you add);

  Notification about latest software update--users will always have the latest version.

  We have a full-time technical supporter who will be glad to answer all your questions.


What Real Users Think of Article Post Robot?

I've always been amazed at the way others had used articles to gain search engine positioning, top of mind positioning & product sales positioning. And when I'd learn the steps my reaction had always been, "No way! Too much work! You want me to spend time doing--WHAT?" However, all the while I was lazy, I watched others eat my lunch with articles.

Then I read a pdf report that mentioned the use of ArticlePostRobot and I gave it a try. I handed the software to my intern and bingo, the number of search results for Paulie Sabol have gone up, the number of links to my sites have gone up, my Page-Rank is projected to go up... and most importantly, because of additional traffic, my bank account is going up.

Thank you to Dave and the rest of the team for your simple to use software.

Paulie Sabol, USA


Recommended by

Nathan Anderson, President and Founder, Metawebs LLC


Hi David, 
I just want to thank you for your awesome software. It is incredible.

I used to spend hours to submit articles everyweek manually. It was a very painful work . With your "article post robot", I am now able to submit my artices to over 100 sites with one click. I truly believe every online marketer should have a copy of this amazing software.

Thank you
Song ChengXiang, Singapore


Hi David,
I downloaded your trial Article Post Robot, within half an hour I had figured out how to use the program (trust me on this, I'm slow at this stuff), followed your instructions and posted my test article to 10 article directories, within another half an hour I had replies from 8 directories, one had accepted my article and 7 replied saying they had received it.

The next day I had recieved 9 replies of article acceptance; wow! I was worried I was going to spend hours, or even days submitting my articles; thank you, thank you, thank you.

Paul in Calgary, Canada
PS: Your customer service is phenominal, I emailed you with some questions and you answered within half an hour, FANTASTIC!!!!!


Article Post Robot is by far one of the best internet marketing tools on the internet and can, in my opinion, both save time and make money at the same time. It is a totally automated solution to posting articles to hundreds of free article submission sites and e-group lists (Yahoo, Google, etc.) There are other automatic posting systems out there claiming to do the same thing, and to the best of my knowledge, it's true that they do, however not as easily or as quickly. Article Post Robot literally does exactly what it claims to do. 

I believe that Article Post Robot is one of the best tools that an online marketer can have and that with it and with the proper dedication to doing the best job you can do to be a successful online marketer, you are within a finger's click of being an online success.

Codrut Turcanu, Romania


Hey, I just tried the demo and I have to say your product is off the hook! It's awesome, everything is automatic. It only takes about 5 minutes to blast off my article to 160 sites! I tried article submitter pro before and it took me 2 hours to submit one article to all the sites. Thanks for making this.

David S., USA


This is amazing. I submitted 2 articles in 2 days, and within 36 hours of receiving the software - before all of the articles had even been approved and gone live - I already had my first opt-in subscriber! I got my first lead before the articles had even been published in ezines, from the massive exposure in the directories and groups alone!

David has put together a really powerful list that gets your articles out there, seen, and noticed!

Carina MacInnes, USA


Clearly I’m sold, I use it, and will never stop until they pry this software from my cold, dead fingers. If anyone knows of something better, please let me know; I am more than willing to have a look! For now, however, what took hours now takes minutes, and what was the 2nd most time-consuming task I had, now takes so little time I don’t even give it much thought.

Brooks Patton, USA


I have purchased Article Post Robot & I am thrilled after using it for few days. It's so damn simple to use. and it runs on autopilot. It took me almost a day to signup all the article websites & maillists but it was worth the time, as it only take me just 1 click to post my articles to all 188 sites. Now, I can use Article Post Robot to post articles automatically after writing. I have used other article submission softwares but Article Post Robot is truely a dream come true for article marketers.

Gord, USA


Hey David,

I must say that I'm amazed that your software actually does what you Said! I've tried 2 other similar software programs and by FAR yours blows them away! I have seen my articles posted in the search engine within 24 hours or less! I've spent countless hours posting my articles manually and your software is a lifesaver, thanks! David, you've got me as a customer for life!

Talbert Williams, USA



Your review has been posted to the web site here: Your Silver award is attached. Please post to your site and cross-link to your review to improve credibility. 

Best of luck, 


I've always been wary of automated solutions for things, even article submissions. I don't like to hand control over to a piece of software unless it's going to do exactly what I would do but quicker. And that's what ArticlePostRobot submits the articles I want submitted under the author names I want to use to the categories I would have submitted to. The only difference is that ArticlePostRobot does it quicker and submits to more article directories and mail lists than I even knew existed.

We're using it ourselves and we're recommending it as the perfect solution to our members....what more can I say !

Mark, UK


I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to see how the article post robot did before I purchased it to actually see if my articles started to show up places, directories and if others would pick it up. To my amazement I was pleasantly surprised. Some of the news websites picked up my articles from the other directories. For the price you are asking its a steal.

Thanks for all your help getting it set up. Awesome customer service. I tried other submitters and had questions about setting theirs up and got no response when I emailed them. Great job Article Post Robot!! Truly!

Christine Bettridge (Author) End Time Secrets


Unlock submission article time with amazing software "articlepostrobot" can help me submitting my articles to article dircetories by one click. I don't need select category on all article dircetories, "articlepostrobot" can do this automatically. We use "articlepostrobot" 7 day/week, for promoting my website with one way back link to improve search engine ranking. we test 3 article submission software and 1 article submission service. Now we select "articlepostrobot" for our article submission.

Anchalee Saechin


I used other article submitter pro for months before I discovered article post robot, and I have to say that there is no comparison. Article submitter pro is not nearly as automated as article post robot. Many of the sites I submitted my articles to had me waiting months before they accepted my articles. In addition, I would have to spend countless hours at night submitting articles because sending articles to 100 sites took 2 hours even when I pushed myself to submit as fast as possible. With article post robot, all you do is point and click. I actually tried using them both at the same time, and without any work, I wrote my information, pressed the button, and I was done. Then I started article submitter pro and started submitting to 70 or so article directories. In the end, article submitter pro finished the Automated process before I finished the so called "automated" process with article submitter pro.

George Christodoulou


Article Post Robot and their team helped me climb the page rank for search engines quickly. I never would have been able to put that many articles out linking back to my site so efficiently without them.

John Kunkle


I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Article Post Robot to anyone thinking about submitting articles to Article Directories and Mail Lists. My own articles are appearing all over the place and all because of Article Post Robot!

The product is continuously updated and refreshed regularly so that dead links are removed and new sites added. And the after-sales service is yet another added bonus. Any queries I have had about the product have been dealt with both courteously and promptly.

So thank you to David and his team at Article Post Robot. Without your wonderful product, I whole-heartedly believe my website would not have the links it now has, and I would have a lot less money in my purse!

S. Hoben, USA.


I love the robot! It took and entire weekend to set up and register each site (and set up pen names). That took an entire day. But after out. The system is amazing. That one day to save hundreds of hours...This is a true blessing. Hands down the best article posting system out there! And its updated like clockwork.

I will be using it a lot to grow my site.

James H.

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More Unsolicited Testimonials from Real Users!

OK, I like the software! But ...
How much does this powerful software cost?

Let's compare with some similar software/services in the market:

 Article Submitter Pro: $167.
 Article Marketer Distribution Service: $119.95/year.
 ISNare: $719.40/year.
 Submit Your Article: 48 article/year, $444.00.
 The Phantom Writers: 10 articles, $200.

If you have enough budgets, some of these prices might seem not expensive to you. UNFORTUNATELY, most of us are just working for small companies with small budgets. Cost matters! You need to keep your advertising costs down so that your profit margin will increase.

As a small company ourselves, we TOTALLY understand it. That's why we only aim to keep a reasonable profit while keeping up our service standards. 


We are offering Article Post Robot to you for only $127

The price may be increased to $147, or even $167 SOON

No bonus for this offer. You are here for Article Post Robot, not for any other bonus. The money you invested in Article Post Robot will save you more than 20 hours for posting one article, and you can use Article Post Robot again and again without worrying about any monthly fee! All the updates will be free! What else are you expecting?

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

You've got absolutely nothing to lose. Order your copy now!


100% "Better-Than-Risk-Free" Money Back Guarantee

Listen, if you don't agree that this is the most useful, traffic driving software you’ve ever used, simply email me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot.

No hard feelings and no questions asked.

In fact, I'll extend this guarantee for an entire 1 months after you get everything!

That's right, 30 days to use and profit from this new software or else ask (and receive) an immediate refund.

Absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part.


System Requirements:
Windows Vista, XP Home Edition or Professional Version, Windows 2000 (SP3);.NET Framework 2.0;

I urge you to take action right now and grab this incredible software NOW. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this one. The more time you wait, the more website traffic and the more possible revenue opportunity you lose!
It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below (Check the bottom of this page if you do not have paypal or want to use our payment plan).

Click here to order right now for only $127.00 .


Want to see some screen shots? Click here! 

Article Post Robot Release History

List of 451 Article Sites and  54 Mail Lists

Download Article Post Robot Manual

Login Your Article Post Robot Account


What are you waiting for? Order Now! By clicking the button above!

Once your payment is completed, we will send you an email which includes the login and download information. Order Now!


David Tang

Leader of Article Post Robot Team
help [a_t] articlepostrobot d-o-t com

P.S. Don't have Paypal? Don't have enough fund to buy it today? Order it by or use our Payment Plan ($49.5/month x 3)!

P.P.S. 7-days demo account is available upon request at help at articlepostrobot dot com .

P.P.P.S. Affiliate Program is available at:

P.P.P.P.S. Have suggestions? Got article sites and want to be included in our software? Please contact us at help at articlepostrobot dot com .

P.P.P.P.P.S. Check out our new software, Content Rewriter Pro --- Make Unique Content Quickly and Easily!

P.P.P.P.P.P.S. The Power of Article Marketing: How a United States Army Captain pulls more than $12,000/month working his online business only part-time… all while working a full time job! Click Here to download the Valuable Free Report. Note that, he uses Article Post Robot in his 30-days strategy!


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More Unsolicited Testimonials from Real Users


I have been article writing for three years now and tried most things. I have found the most effective tool is Article Post Robot. I am able to achieve rating results, through quality content, back links and organic growth, (the kind of growth Google loves) that would not be otherwise possible, unless I had a large team working for me.

I cannot recommend Article Post Robot highly enough. If you are not using it, then you are like an 8 piston motor, running on only two pistons. Get on board with article robot post and find yourself in the top ten slots of Google, the easy and honest way.

Wendy Stenberg-Tendys


I use articlepostrobot everyday and love it! My traffic to all my sites has doubled since i started using this software . One way links are key to increasing your sites PR ranking at google and articlepostrobot is a excellent tool to help you get there! hats off to you david, you have a true winner with this software.


Mark Fleagle
Owner of,, and


Article Post Robot is a user-friendly program that allows one to submit articles to numerous article directories without having to manually go to each site and repeat the many steps required to submit an article. For anyone looking for programs that have outstanding customer support, this is one you should definitely take a look at.

Recently, I needed assistance to reinstall the program due to a hard drive crash. I sent an email to request assistance with this. Within 2 hours I had received all of the instructions, the link to download the program again along with my ID and password, and a follow-up message asking if I had received the information. You don't get support like this from many internet sites!

Gary S Berger MD
Medical Director
Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center


After trying article post robot, i have to say that it is really a excellent software. It did really save me a lot of time with submitting articles. Unlike other submitters, although they claim that they can submit articles automatically, but i notice that they come up with a lot of errors and incorrect submitting report. After trying it, I decide to buy article lost robot.

It is a must have tool for article marketing.



Article Post Robot is the number one tool I use on a daily basis. If you are looking for complete automation of your article submission this is your tool. Simply import your article(s) and hit submit and you will have tons of articles published on top article directories which will drive traffic to your site. No matter what your online business strategy (ad sense, VRE, online store, affiliate marketing), I highly recommend Article Post Robot!

Michele Fran


Brilliant - all I can say really. Article Post Robot is the answer to an authors prayer! If you are serious about your writing, publishing and submitting your work to article directories then Article Post Robot is material proof that there is a god! This software cuts down the laborious time spent actually manually submitting your material to directories by about 95% which in turn frees up more time for you to get on with actually living your life (and writing more articles). It makes the task of getting great quality one way back links AND targeted traffic to your sites a dream. Nuff said!

Stephen Morgan


Just a quick note to say how easy I found the software to use, and how much time it will save me in posting articles. As a business owner, driving traffic to my website is a priority, and Article Post Robot allows me to submit relevant articles on the training services we offer with ease. The results have been fantastic. Thanks for for such a great product.

Rosy Jansen


I purchased Auto-Post-Robot several weeks ago on 10/30/06… and at that time you would have had a hard time finding me and my website on Google. We had about twenty articles on our site but they didn’t bring in much traffic. After using your software, to upload several of those same articles… I just checked on Google “5 Relationships Mistakes” and we are now listed in positions 1-2-3-4-5 and 10 on the first page of Google search.

Today is 11-19-06 so it is just about twenty days later. When I entered my name and articles ‘Paul Sterling articles’ the results are pretty amazing there too. This time it was… and these are on page one of the Google search results… position 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 skip one and then 7 and 8… And this only a few of the searches… and only after several weeks… and I am only starting.

Thanks so much

Paul Sterling


Call me "Mr. Skeptical" but I took the 7-day-trial to give it a road test and....Wow! The reason I am so impressed is the speed and ease of automatically posting articles, especially for someone, like me, crawling on dialup at 28.8-31.2kps. Plus, I am techno-stupid when it comes to these software programs.

I first submitted one article to 65 directories that did not require Login. It took less than a minute for each to complete. But, the directories requiring Login were even faster. The same article was posted to 40 directories in about 20 minutes, that's an average of 30-seconds each! Again...Wow!

Add to this the excellent and very patient help provided by David and this is the tool for anyone writing and posting articles. This is a no-brainer that I am buying for myself as a Christmas gift. You better hurry...

Jim Linda


Article Post Robot has started paying well. You can take my words!

A. Chattopadhyay, UK


Keep up the good work, you definately have a winner here beause of the automation. I also have ArticleAnnouncer but I like your program a lot more - there's so much that could be done with this it's mind boggling.

Rolf Rasmusson, USA


Can I just say how pleased and impressed I am with the speed of your help response and the individual attention I have received. I am also very happy with Article Post Robot's performance - What a great piece of software!

Alex, UK


Wow! I love the features of Article Post Robot. I really do! I've recommended it to a dozen people so far. There are other products costing hundreds of dollars just to do content spinning/randomizing, or posts to article sites and directories, or do manual submissions... but not all of the above like with Article Post Robot!

Andre Bell


Thanks for a great product. I was on the verge of giving up on article submission because it took way too long!!! Your Article Post Robot software made my job so much easier. I will suggest your software to anyone who submits articles. Thanks again!

Cameron Johnson


I just bought the second license, what more can I say! With the help of Article Post Robot I can now have new site from pr 0 to pr 4-5( depending how lazy I am) in about 3 months. I believe that is ok for a guy relatively new at this web business. I now have APR for almost a year. Great work and keep it up! 

Nikola G.
(Site preferred not shown)


Thanks, I've just finished submitting articles using the Article Post Robot and I have to say it *worked like a dream*. I'll hardly ever use cut and paste again, Article Post Robot did it all for me and in a *fraction of the time* it used to take me. Manual article submission is a thing of the past. Thanks again. 

Darren, UK


I just wanted to write and say that your program is the BOMB! It makes my work SO much easier!!! I can now submit articles while doing other tasks, which not only gives me 2 extra hours per day but also gives more sites that have been submitted to. This is going to give me a lot of time with my children!

Many thanks, I am LOVING the program!

Maria W., US


I had purchase two others that didn't work and I was looking for something new. I found your site in a group forum. I order your demo, follow your instructions, read your FQA; and I installed it. When I submitted my article, I couldn't believe my what was happening in front of me. Your demo made a believer out of me. I immediately order your upgrade. Thanks.

Bobby, US


Submitting articles automatically was a problem because of my niche, but Article Post Robot is close to perfect. The program saves me so much time even in manual mode instead of the drudgery of doing cut and paste at each website. I love your software and recovered the cost in one month because of the time it saved submitting my articles. I can submit to more directories in just one hour without that sore wrist from all the mouse work, and I am motivated again to write new articles. 

Jim Degerstrom, US

Article Post Robot is an awesome program! The ability to submit multiple versions of my articles to article directories ensures that the search engines will be recognizing all the links back to my site. The program is very simple to use and easy understand. When I have had questions and concerns my e-mails are always answered promptly and in detail.

Thanks so much for such a great tool. 

Byron, California, US

I was initially sceptical that one article submission program could automatically login in, select the correct categories, spin the titles / descriptions / text, submit the article and do it all automatically at the click of a button. Having used the software I was delighted that all the claims are true.

This software is essential for any article marketer looking to leverage their time for the maximum possible return on their article marketing strategy. For this reason I whole heartedly recommend it.

Martin F.
Director of the Sport and Hobby Social Network


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Absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part.

David Tang

Leader of Article Post Robot Team
help [a-t] articlepostrobot dot com

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