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*** When I register/confirm account, on some sites, why it says 'Your account may be already activated /expired'?

On many sites, authors need confirm their accounts after registration by clicking confirmation link in the email sent by the article sites. Usually, if the authors didn't confirm the account within 24 hours, the link will expire. Authors may have to use another email to register. However, on some sites, the allowed confirmation time could be less than 1 hour. It is better to confirm the account A.S.A.P. once you got the confirmation emails.

*** How to set up SMTP server for mail list?

Your ISP should provide SMTP information for you. Usually, it includes ID, Password, Server URL, etc.. Google provide free SMTP service if you have a gmail. Check this link for details. Note that, if you used other emails addresses to subscribe to the list and want to use gmail's SMTP, then you need add that email address to your gmail account. Login your gmail, check "settings"->"accounts"->"add accounts". 

*** I input the login ID and Password, then click Login button, why it goes back to the login page? It does not show any error either!

You need enable the cookies in IE for ArticlePostRobot.com: 1. open IE, go to Tools->internet options->Privacy->Sites, add articlepostrobot.com to allow list; 2. go to Tools->internet options->Secutiy->Internet, enable "Submit nonencrypted form data"; Now, login again!

*** I'm getting a script debugger pop-up that I have to click "no" on several times before APR will proceed.

It is because you have associated javascript error with MSDev (or other tools). 1) In Internet Explorer, select Tools -> Options 2) On the Internet Options dialog, go to the Advanced tab 3) Make sure that both of these options are checked: X Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer) X Disable Script Debugging (Other) Then, the message won't pop up again.

*** I'm using Windows Vista, and Getting some "file can't be created error".

In Windows Vista, Article Post Robot should be launched as an administrator: Locate Article Post Robot. By default, it should be in the folder "C:\Program Files\Article Post Robot\Article Post Robot". Right click the program icon and choose the properties option. Select the compatibility tab, under privilege level, check the box to run this program as administrator.